Presbycusis is a hear loss which naturally occurs due the growth of the age. This inability of the ears i9s occurred due to the aging and when your ears are focused towards high pitched sounds. This problem occurs due to the changes in the inner or middle ear. If you are suffering with this problem you can’t even hear the ring of your telephone too. This is generally caused du to the exposure of you’re towards the loud noises of the traffic, construction sounds etc… you will hear the voices with less clarity and it is the major symptom for presbycusis problem.

You can’t understand the speech perfectly as it seems to be mumbled for you due to this problem. You may also feel difficulty in varying the sounds. You need to reduce the time spent at the places which are accompanied with loud noises. This problem comes into existence when you reach the age of thirty. When you eighty the hearing loss will be in the peak state and you can’t even hear loud sounds too at this stage. Presbycusis affects both of your ears simultaneously and you may hear a constant ring sound in your ears. Vascular conditions are caused by diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes and other circulatory diseases can also cause this problem. This problem can also be caused by some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and this problem can also be caused due to the usage of some anti biotic.

You need to contact an expert for diagnosing this problem and solving this problem. There are various treatments for curing this disease and out of them the natural way for curing is apt. Presbycusis is a sensor-neural problem which is caused by suitable to a disorder occurred in the inner ear or the auditory nerve.

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